Leaf Garrett net worth

American singer, actor and Television personality has a net worth of $1 thousand. This is the least amount of net worth among the American artist.

With his God gifted pleasant voice and good acting skill, He began his pleasure entertaining career at very young age of five. Garrett and his sister did various small acting roles in the series “My Three sons”. This was as American situation comedy and ran from 1960 to 1965 on ABC and moved CBS until its end. These cute brother and sisters also appeared in the horror movie “Devil Times Five”. They also guest starred in an episode of Gun smoke as well as Wonder Woman. He appeared in Television movie like peter Lundy, and the Medicine Hat stallion, in earlier time than starting his career as a pop singer. Soon after he started his singing career, he signed a recording agreement with Atlantic Records; under this he recorded his first album “Leif Garrett”. His first album became a chart- hitting modestly on US Hot 100. With the success of this Album he signed with Scotti Brothers Record and released his second album, Feel the Need. It’s first single, “I was made for Dancing”. His remake with Scotti Brother Record became Chart-hitting album. Obviously with continuous success he continued to record. He later released albums, Same Goes for You, Can’t Explain, My Movie of You, in quick breakaway.

Garret’s additional remarkable show comprise leap forward role in “Bob &Carol &Ted &Alice”, The Odd Couple, Three for the road., Nanny and the professor, Family Affair, Canon, Walking Tall, and many more. He also did low budget film like “The Outsider”,”Dominon”,”Smell like teen Spirit”. In 203, he appeared as himself in film Dickie Roberts; Former Child Star. He also co-wrote and sang “Former Child star” for the film’s sound track and was one of the singer of “Child star on your television”, which played over the ending credits.

He was born in November 8, 1961 in Hollywood, California to Carolyn Stellar and Rik Nervik. His father was absent for most of his life, Even though Garrett has since reconciled with him stating “He feels so badly about missing the year when you know you’re so proud to have a son like from ager of 12 to manhood , when you help influence and guide your son’s life. Well he missed out all that stuff. He started his career as a child artist and became lifelong most desirable actor, musician.

He was raised as renown in 1970 as a teen Superstar, But Unfortunately; he got hypnotized by the drug abuse. His attention attracted to the drug taking habit, ruined his career. However he made Offbeat attempt to energize his recognition, but it was all puffed off as he had already diminished golden status to yet child actor change Cautionary story. His fans follows him on twitter and is being searched on wiki as well.

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