Sandra McCoy Biography

Sandra McCoy captivated everyone’s attention in the acting industry when she, made her starring as Mercedes in the 2005 released Jeff Wadlow’s horror/ slasher murder mystery movie “Cry Wolf”. Besides her professionalism in acting, this American actress is also celebrated for her skill in dancing.

Sandra McCoy comes from a Filipino/ Irish family. She was born on 14th of August, 1979 & her upbringing was carried out in her birth place, the City of San Jose, in California, United States. She is the single daughter of her deceased parents, Gary McCoy & Madeline McCoy. She had a smaller brother who was 2 years smaller to her age, but passed away in the fall of 1993 along with their parents in an airplane crash; Sandra was only the survivor. As for her parents professional details, her dad was a private pilot who as well worked as a database management director for the Country Sheriff’s Department, & her mom taught Physical Education at the high school, & was also a professional aerobics instructor & a tennis coach.

Digging upon the personal life details of this 5 feet & 4 inches Californian beauty, she is revealed to be a married woman. Her husband is none other than her love of life, Brian Lopez. After carrying a romantic link up for few times, the couple decided to tag their affair with an official marriage & eventually walked down the aisle on 20th of July, 2013. Though they have yet to release their plans concerning children & family growth, their fans are in fact being vigorous to listen to the good news soon. Currently, the husband & wife are together living in their residence in LA, bounded within a romantic attachment.

Sandra McCoy relocated to the City of Los Angeles, California, the place where she lives today, in order to pursue a show business career after achieving Bachelor’s Degree with a major in Psychology from the Santa Clara University, in Santa Clara, California. Even as her initial Hollywood attempt success; a 4-girl pop band, fell though, she has carried on enjoying an array of other successes inside the movie industry subsequently as an actress as well as dancer. Sandra’s foremost entertainment break was portraying the lead in “Pop”, the music video by ‘N Sync. Additionally, she served as the cheer-leader for the renowned Los Angeles Lakers within the 2002- 2003 season & was shortly noted in the 2004 launched Music Video Beauties. The budding actress then made several appearances in tiny roles on numbers of noteworthy TV shows prior to her foremost lead role. The actress is best noted for her role in the 2005 movie “Cry Wold”, playing Mercedes alongside Jared Padalecki. In the early of 2007 March, Sandra performed auditioning for “Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll”, the reality TV sitcom, so as to become the 7th Pussycat Doll; however didn’t succeed making into the home. She as well made her guest starring in an episode of the television sitcom “Supernatural” in the year 2007, traced out by her role as Tffany Matthews in the very year released “Lost Single”. A year later, Sandra was seen in 2 different roles, Serena & Cuter Nurse in “Night Tales: The Movie” & “Deep in the Valley”, respectively. Her most recent starring was as Kelsey Williams, a professor in an episode of an anthology television series “Femme Fatales” in 2012.

Further to her career in acting, Sandra McCoy is also a trained dancer & gymnast, since the age of 8. A very sporty person, Sandra was also enrolled into the cheerleading team & soccer & diving squad at the Independent High School, located in her hometown of San Jose City, California. She is a very jolly king of persona, & in her free time the actress enjoys jogging, hanging around with her close friends & watching movies. An avid chocolate lover, Sandra also loves doing volunteer deeds & is enrolled in different social, environmental, educational, children & humanitarian causes & also backs numbers of not for profit organizations. To know more about this 35 years old American beauty, make a look over her biography provided over wiki, or simply grab her updates via facebook & twitter.

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